Tuesday, 14 March 2017

It all began with an idea!

It all began with an idea, Cathie MacDonell and her Grade 10 students from Henry Wise Wood wanted to investigate the idea of homelessness prior to their work at 2School. Support would be offered by various groups.  

Students worked with the Mustard Seed, Calgary Urban Project (CUPS), Drop-In & Rehab Centre and St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.  While working in smaller groups with these organizations students began to discuss the complexities of homelessness. They investigated their initial understanding of what it means to be homeless and realized that they had a fairly biased view on this issue. Through their investigation with these various agencies in Calgary, students gained a better understanding on the concept of what it means to be homeless.  

They also worked with senior leadership at the Calgary Board of Education to gain a understanding in how various agencies work together to solve this issue. Once students collected the required data focusing on reflective personal responses they worked with Nureva Inc. to bring together a collaboration of their experience.   

Working collaboratively with Nureva students brought their Campus Calgary 2School experience alive.  This video elaborates this very unique and positive experience.



This blog entry was submitted by Trish Hubbard, Campus Calgary 2School Coordinator.  To apply to 2School or any Campus Calgary/Open Minds site, click here.  Our deadline for 2017/2018 applications is April 11th, 2017.

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