Thursday, 13 October 2016

What does it mean to be a scientist?

This post originally appeared in the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) News: 
 Scientists collaborate!  Science Minister, Hon. Kirsty Duncan hears the surprises, wonders, and reflections from Science School participants.  Midnapore Grade 4’s captivate TELUS Spark CEO Jennifer Martin as well as teacher Barb Henry and Science School coordinators Donna Kipta and Morgane McDonald alongside family volunteers.

How do our relationships with the natural world guide our choices for the future?  Science Minister, Hon. Kirsty Duncan, and Midnapore Grade 4’s consider together the challenges and benefits of arctic scientific explorations at TELUS Spark.

What does it mean to be a scientist?  Journals and impactful science demonstrations await as Science Minister Hon. Kirsty Duncan and Science School learners share experiences from an entire week at TELUS Spark.  Proud community stakeholder, CEO Jennifer Martin, listens in.

​"I get to meet rock star scientists! This is a big deal to me!" Federal Minister of Science, Hon. Kirsty Duncan and young scientists and Grade 4 students at Midnapore School couldn't wait to explore, to ask questions, and to share experiences.

When Ms. Barb Henry and her Grade 4 class arrived at TELUS Spark each day for five consecutive days, they knew they were arriving as scientists. TELUS Spark is a place where young scientists build new ideas.  While each week is personalized for each participating class, each day at Science School provides meaningful opportunities for hands-on activities and time with experts to spark a sense of wonder.  Each day this week provided new opportunities for comprehensive understanding as the class alongside Science School coordinator Donna Kipta investigated together, "How do our relationships with the natural world guide our choices for the future?"

The fifth and final day of the Science School week was an especially memorable day for considering this big idea, meeting an inspiring fellow scientist. Hon. Kirsty Duncan Federal Minister of Science was pleased to join the class conversation, and to invite TELUS Spark CEO Jennifer Martin in too. Together, the group discussed science, Science School, and our shared responsibilities for the natural world in which we live. Grade 4 learners were proud to work alongside such a notable expert and were pleased to connect their big idea to Hon. Duncan's invitation to simulate an arctic exploration. The group used the experience to begin to tackle the challenges associated with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The class asked meaningful questions and shared their dynamic experiences throughout the week: seeing behind the scenes what makes TELUS Spark a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) facility, connecting exhibits and galleries to their big idea, and considering potential innovations to protect our natural world.
Like these Midnapore Grade 4's, classes are excited to get neurons firing at Chevron Open Minds Science School. Journals in hand, learners reflect and collaborate to solve authentic problems and spark a passion for learning through science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Experiences provide students with the opportunity to explore while also developing new skills while inspiring ownership and stewardship.

At Science School and beyond, Campus Calgary / Open Minds is an innovative school program that brings the classroom to vibrant community settings. Teachers, students and community experts come together for a week-long curriculum-based experience, designed to meet the needs of each individual learner. The result is a catalyst for learning activities throughout the year that inspire and promote critical thinking and problem solving.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Advisor Kick Off

Campus Calgary / Open Minds Advisors are a group of representatives from Community/Sites, Education, and Funder partners.  We were pleased to have our Advisor team together on September 30th to consider the year ahead as well as to review Stakeholder feedback from our annual Stakeholder meeting.

It is becoming tradition at Retreats to have participants share a personal or site value for the year ahead.  Our coordinator team shared and discussed this year's values:

It is no surprise "connection" continues to be a word that keeps coming up when it comes to our Campus Calgary / Open Minds Community.

Artifacts were used to share Advisor priorities in relation to our new Campus Calgary / Open Minds mission and vision.  Can you see how these diverse artifacts might connect to our shared work together?

We were pleased to host this year's Retreat at the Career and Technology Centre (CTC) at Lord Shaughnessy High School.  The day was significant as staff and students were recognizing Orange Shirt Day remembering the experiences of Residential School survivors and invited us to be part of this meaningful observation.  Advisors were also provided a tour to provide educational context to the day of the Centre by assistant principal, Monti Tanner.

The C.T. Centre facility and Sage Gardens as a ceremonial blessing takes place in conjunction with Orange Shirt Day.