Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Wisdom Gathering and Learning from Story: Campus Calgary / Open Minds Coordinator Meeting Oct 26, 2018

The CCOM team spent a great day in Fish Creek Provincial Park learning about the importance of story and of walking “wisely aware”.  As we walked alongside Lesley Tait, Indigenous Learning Specialist CBE, we listened to stories about the land and our connection to the natural world.  We learned to notice and observe in order to walk “wisely aware”.  We collaborated to “gather wisdom” about the various plants and animals we were noticing.  It was a great day to be outside reflecting about the land and collaborating as part of a Community of Practice. It made me reflect upon how we might help students and teachers to walk “wisely aware” along with us on our journeys at our sites and about the stories we share.

While inside the Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre, we reflected on work by Thomas King: The Truth About Stories as we talked about how different stories and perspectives help shape our understandings of the world. 

It was a great day to connect, collaborate, learn and grow.

Donna Kipta
Chevron Open Minds Science School Coordinator