Tuesday, 3 April 2018

I Wonder ....

I Wonder…That was the question that was floating through the minds of my grade 1 students as they got off the bus and stared at the Southern Alberta Jubilee to embark on a week long exploration at Jube School.   

They were filled with awe as they were welcomed into their “classroom” and found a cozy spot in the Story Tent.  This was the place where all their wonderings were shared, recorded and documented through pictures and words.
During the week of March 12-16, the students explored the theatre to find the best seats in the theatre and were even able to watch the Alberta Ballet perform Cinderella. For many students, this was something they had never experienced! They loved pretending to be a ballerina and learning how stories can be told in so many ways. 

Through their exploration they came to know that the Alberta Jubilee is home to many pieces of art.  The students sketched, asked wonders and shared how each piece of art made them feel.  They also spent the week creating art inspired by Geoffrey Hunter using the layering technique.

One of the many wonderful things about Campus Calgary/Open Minds is the opportunities for students to learn from so many experts.  One of the experts was Dean from Green Fools, who taught them how to create their own puppets and also gave lessons on how to make their puppets come to life by using articulation and remembering the zero of the puppet.  This knowledge sparked enthusiasm in these young learners to continue to make puppet plays in the weeks following.

They also gained knowledge from the expertise of Brennan, who works at the Jubilee as the lighting expert. They learned about gobos, gels and how to project light to create or eliminate shadows through hands on exploration. This knowledge helped to enhance their own shadow puppet retell of “Bear Snores On.”

Two of the greatest experts that the students were able to glean knowledge from all week were Karen and Carly.  These two teachers were a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and endless creative ideas that kept the students engaged and continually wondering.  They filled the students days with activities including painting, shadow puppet plays, sketching, drama games, stories and so much more. 

Our week at Jube School was incredible as these young learners gained knowledge about the many facets of a theatre and how it is more than just a play in a big building.  The week was filled with countless wonders and continues to spark so many wonders.

Mary Roy, Grade One Teacher, Fish Creek Park School