Monday, 3 April 2017

Cell-E-brating Cell Phone Recycling

McKenzie Towne School and DouglasdaleSchool together collected 144 old cell phones and other small electronics in the weeks before McKenzie Town School visited Zoo School. On their final day the class visited the TransAlta Rainforest to drop them off. The students took turns putting the old phones in to the recycling box and then sat observing the gorilla troop; the species that benefits most from cell phone recycling.



Every class taking part in Zoo School is encouraged to take an action or actions to help wildlife conservation before, during or after their Zoo School week.

Thank you to McKenzie Town School and Douglasdale School for their superb effort in supporting wildlife conservation!

How does recycling cell phones help gorillas?
A mineral called coltan is used to coat the electronic components that are part of every cell phone. Coltan is mined in areas where gorillas live. By recycling your phone, you are helping to reduce the amount of coltan mined, which can lead to preserving natural gorilla habitat. By keeping cell phones out of the landfill you will also prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into landfills and groundwater.
All money raised from recycled phones are directed to the Calgary Zoo’s conservation research projects.
Steps you can take:
·         Collect as many old, unused cell phones as you can
·         Bring them down to the Calgary Zoo on your next visit.  Phones may be dropped off at Guest Relations as you enter the zoo, in the TransAlta Rainforest building or at Zoo Security

Blog Entry submitted by: Dawn Hardy, Zoo School Ambassador