Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Taking Zoo School Action at St Joan of Arc School

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St. Joan of Arc school has been busy planting native flowers this spring!  Three Grade 2 classes who attended Zoo School during the winter months and have been putting their horticultural knowledge to good use.  Each class planted native flowers, such Gallarida and other pollinator friendly species.  They will be tending to their flowers over the next few months and in June, each student will take their flowers home to plant them in their yards.  What a fantastic way to spread knowledge and awareness to the local community!   Nice work St. Joan of Arc Grade 2’s!  Thank you for doing your part to sustain wildlife in wild places.  

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Executive Sponsors and Advisors

Advisor Meeting with Executive Sponsors on May 8, 2017:
Sanghamitra Dhar McKenty (CBE), Allison Shulz (Calgary Foundation),
Jennifer Meredith (CBE), Andrea Holowka (CCSD), Frank McClernon
(CCSD), Ita Kistorma (CCSD), Bill Dickson (Community), Donna
Livingstone (Glenbow Museum), Jeannie Everett (CBE), Judy Archer
(Community), Chris Lough (Community), Leanne Courchesne
(Cenovus), Travis Robertson (CBE), Graham Thomson (Community),
Trish Savill (Community), absent Lorelei Piotto (Chevron)
Such a wonderful opportunity to have our Executive Sponsors and our Advisors altogether discussing our CC/OM year and how best to move forward together.  Knowing the importance of giving students opportunities to learn beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom, we aspire to advance what is possible for students within innovative teaching and learning environments, to ensure success for each learner in a vibrant and connected community.