Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Jube School - Creating Story through Fibre Artistry

The Grade 6 students from St. Pius School came to Jube School to explore Storytelling.  Through the week, students explored lighting, audio, the stage, drumming, shadow and the visual arts. Experts and students worked alongside each other learning, guiding and questioning our big idea.

Students were tasked to design a picture from nature that brought them joy, calmness or inspiration. Having a vision, the students met with Fibre Artist Leah Donald, from ArtFelt Studios. Leah taught us about how the wool has to be washed in warm water to take the lanolin out of it so the wool can take dye and how to keep the wool “fresh” and not “scrunched” so it is easier to work with.  Working from the top to the bottom of their creation, needling at a steady rhythm and “respecting the needle”, the students were meticulous in ensuring there were no empty or blank spaces.

Throughout the 2.5 hour workshop students learned about mixing colours of wool by ripping and stacking it, the pinch test and the pinch and patch test.  The results were breathtaking.  Students amazed themselves with their final creation and were surprised at how easy and stress free felting was.

The students’ artwork will be on display at the Southern Alberta Jubilee January 11 – March 1, 2019

Karen Youngberg - Jube School Coordinator