Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Parents are Our Learning Partners!

 Parents are Our Learning Partners!
-a CC/OM week 

“There is such an impact on understanding and relationships when parents are learning partners alongside their children. Truly great learning takes place in the discussions and reflections about the experiences.”
 -CC/OM Team

Ways CC/OM parent volunteers make a difference!

Before the week:
  • Knowing the Big Idea/Question and the CC/OM site their child is attending, parents can visit our website to learn more about this innovative program! http://cbe.ab.ca/ccom/Pages/Home.aspx
  • Think about and introduce connections outside of school time. This leads to great conversations at home and school!
  • Support students in being safe and meeting their needs. Meeting the volunteer requirements at the school ensures that they are prepared and are well equipped to work with all students.
  • Remember their own needs as we work inside and outside at our sites. Parents need comfortable shoes, the right clothes (seasonal layers) and a hearty lunch and full water bottle as well. Phones and cameras are occasionally useful in a learning context; parents can confirm with their child’s teacher to see how they are being used for this week.

During the week:
  • Sketch and write in journals alongside the students. Parent engagement in the work is a powerful message to students.
  • Lead small groups with questions that promote inquiry (ie. What do you think, I wonder about, Is that the same as, Remember that expert who mentioned….)
  • Listen for the connections to the Big Idea/inquiry question and help students to discover their own.
  • Notice student work and ideas with comments that encourage further exploration (ie. I see that you, I notice, I wonder, I had not thought of that,Why are you considering that, You have made me think of, I see how you added lines to…)
  • Support students asking questions of our experts and ask their own questions to expand the learning connections.  Model great thank yous!
  • Enjoy the time with their child and the class. CC/OM connects the curriculum with the community and provides rich and valuable learning that can be drawn upon throughout the school year and beyond.

After the week:
  • Parents complete the CC/OM evaluations as provided by the teacher, to provide feedback that guides our planning
CC/OM is grateful to its partners and funders and volunteers – thank you! http://cbe.ab.ca/ccom/Pages/Home.aspx

Visit the CC/OM website above for more information.
CC/OM Vision: Each student experiences personalized learning within
a connected community.

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