Thursday, 23 March 2017

CC/OM's "Cousins" Worldwide

Campus Calgary / Open Minds is part of the Beyond the Classroom Network.

Did you know that there are classrooms recognizable to our very own CC/OM classrooms in Kingston, London, Edmonton, Michigan, and elsewhere?

Open Minds, too, has classrooms in Fort McMurray and in St. John's.

When you're part of Campus Calgary / Open Minds you're part of a community that has evolved for nearly 25 years and is much bigger than most people imagine!

And it all began right here.

That first community embedded week was in 1993 at the Calgary Zoo.  It was a Grade 3 class that came to the Zoo every day for a week. Dr. Gillian Kydd, a science consultant with the Calgary Board of Education worked with the classroom teacher, Angela Rokne, to bring together the key elements that have since become the essence of the program.

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