Monday, 11 April 2016

Thank You Volunteers!

We have an incredible amount of volunteers--past and present--we're awfully grateful to thank on National Volunteer Week!  We thank the countless volunteers so generous of their time to Calgary's learners!

To parents, families, councils, and school volunteers who attend and prepare for each Campus Calgary/Open Minds week, thank you!  Our teachers and coordinators couldn't do it without you!  You allow each week to be as inspiring and the learning to be as rich as possible.

And to our experts at our 11 community sites, thank you!  Your passion and enthusiasm for citizenship is inspiring, and your impact is greater than you could know!  As engaged partners in the education of our youth, you empower each class.  Thank you for your leadership and expertise!

We're so glad you're among the 12.7 million Canadians willing to give time to make our communities vibrant, learning rich spaces!
For all you do, big, BIG thanks from everyone at Campus Calgary/Open Minds!

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