Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Playgrounds By Design....Back at John Costello!


School Council learns from Grade 1 Design Experts
After an amazing week at Telus Spark, 1La and 1D from John Costello presented their playgrounds to our parent-council. The students answered questions about the playgrounds that they built and shared ideas that demonstrated environmental awareness, the importance of play in community building and the consideration of ALL community members in design. Parent council and our admin team listened, took notes and photos to present at the next meeting.

Our grade one students cooperated and collaborated in order to set-up their designs and present them to our adult guests. They showed courage in explaining their reasoning for their design and confidently defended the choices that they made. Their curiosity and commitment to this entire process was evident from the day that we first introduced our inquiry. As a teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing this level of success and learning in our students!

Thank-you Telus Spark Open Minds for an amazing week of hands-on learning and for helping us create active citizens!
Lori Dick
Kate Labrecque

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