Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Week of Discovery at Zoo School!

Preshistoric WalkOur Grade 7 Campus Calgary/Open Minds Zoo School group recently returned from a week of studying at the Calgary Zoo. Our main goal was to explore what it means to be a global citizen. The group had many once in a lifetime adventures as we answered this question.
We began our week exploring the idea of sustainable fishing. We learned the importance of being an informed consumer. We now know how to find out where our fish come from and how they have been caught. The Calgary Zoo purchases fish that have been sustainably sourced. As we discussed sustainable fishing, we created fish popsicle enrichment for the penguins. We were able to categorize the fish based on their unique characteristics as well.

Through discussions about exotic pets traded in the black market, we met Regis the snake. We learned the questions to ask when adopting or purchasing a pet.  Dispelling many myths about snakes, we learned that snakes are not cold and slimy!

Our Zoo School group used our imaginations and became Prairie Dog Researchers. We set the traps, caught our soft and cuddly Prairie Dogs and took many measurements to record during our observations of them. Did you know that Prairie Dogs are key components of grassland ecosystems?

We also fed 3 quirky Bactrian camels that are critically endangered. These gentle giants were mesmerizing! Through each of these experiences we learned that the most valuable way to be a global citizen, is to share what we learn with others. We can educate people in a way that continues the circle of learning.

A big thank you to Chevron Open Minds Zoo School, and the staff at Light of Christ School that made this experience possible!

Ms. Tousignant

Conservatory Class 

Submitted by C. Tousignant (CCSD Teacher) via Ita Kistorma (CCSD Consultant)

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