Wednesday, 9 December 2015

2School at Calgary Catholic School District and CUPS

How does an idea come alive?  A Grade 6 class at St Pius School attending 2School discovered this for themselves when they decided to dig deeper into the “big idea” of Citizenship.

Exploring the concept of Active Citizenship in their classroom, and led by their teacher Melissa Ross, the students invited their Chief Superintendent to their classroom.  Gary Strother shared how Calgary Catholic School District’s Faith Theme of Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God gained momentum and inspired a multitude of projects over a three year period.  The Grade 6 class asked many questions that day, and in the following days during their custom-designed Campus Calgary/Open Minds week. Immersed in the idea of Citizenship as it connects to CCSD’s Faith Theme, their time at Central Office was valuable as they also interviewed school district personnel and their trustee.

The 2School Site provided opportunities for teachers, parents and students to uncover curriculum through the unique lens of public education and the role it plays in our democratic society. The historical classroom served as a base for students as they explored and gathered evidence of citizenship in this dynamic downtown community.

Phrases such as ‘By Your Actions’ and ‘Less of Me, More of You’ took on meaning during a day at CUPS, the Calgary Urban ProjectSociety. Students had the opportunity to wrap Christmas gifts for those in need and to learn more about the organization and the role it plays in the heart of Calgary. 

St Pius students are challenged and empowered by their Chief Superintendent to take this unique experience, their own understandings and to lend their ideas and voices towards CCSD’s next Faith Theme!   

Submitted by Ita Kistorma
Consultant, Campus Calgary/Open Minds

Calgary Catholic School District

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