Monday, 1 April 2019

Jube School - If the best could happen, what would be my contribution?

Mrs. Kistorma and her grade six class from St. Alphonsus School came to Jube School at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium exploring the idea of BEST.   

In preparation for the week at Jube School, this grade six class learned about taking action and contributing as leaders in their school. 

Through the week here at Jube School, students worked together in a variety of technical workshops, improv workshops and performance workshops. With each follow up conversation, students discovered what the BEST means for the team at the Jubilee Auditorium and also what it means to show up with their best. 
 At the end of the week, the students concluded that “BEST” does not always mean being first or at the top.  BEST is about how one shows up and contributes or connects to their family, community and friends.On the last day of our week together, students worked with visual artist, Mandy Stobo, and they created their own Bad Portrait. The students started with a warm up by doing a blind contour drawing of a Koloa Bear.  The challenge… it was in sharpie! Not a pencil to be found. After the blind contour was complete the students in Mandy Stobo style, picked two complementary colours, used watercolour paints to fill in their drawing, and then splattered it a bit. 
The next challenge was to draw the person across from you using the same technique.  Laughter and moral support filled the room! 

The final drawing of the workshop was to create a self-portrait on an 18 x 24 piece of paper. Students, parent volunteers and teachers received a picture of themselves and began the challenge and fun of being an artist.  Nerves filled the room, but quickly left as everyone settled in and made the brave first marks.  
Chatter, excitement and laughter filled the room.  Look for these students to fill our city with the same as they grow, learn, and contribute in our city.

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