Friday, 8 February 2019

Zoo School - How Time Flies and the Learning Continues!

How Time Flies and the Learning Continues!

Chevron Open Minds Zoo School relies on parent volunteers to make the week long experience a success for the learners. This week at the Calgary Zoo we felt we had a celebrity parent in our midst.

When Ahmad, a student at Guy Weadick School told his Dad his class was going to Zoo School, he jumped at the chance to volunteer. This was definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

Why? Flashback twenty six years and Jafar, Ahmad’s Dad, was in the very first class of Chevron Open Minds Zoo School in 1993.

We were keen to ask him what he remembers of his Zoo School experience.
The answer? A lot, especially his observation animal, the Ibex. Back then, like today, students can choose an animal species to observe throughout their week. His twin sister, who now lives in Lebanon, observed the giraffes and she remarked they are still her favourite animal. Both Jafar and Ahmad agree that Zoo School is an amazing learning experience!

~ Dawn Hardy, Zoo School Assistant Coordinator

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