Thursday, 7 December 2017

Exploration of Storytelling and Design Through Various Art Forms - at Jube School

The grade two students at Nellie McClung School had the memorable opportunity of participating in Jube School at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. As the week progressed, our students participated in a variety of workshops that immersed them in the different art forms. After meeting a number of artists in the areas of visual, sound, physical, performing, musical, painting and structural art, students were challenged to create a full set for a theoretical production.

After exploring traditional homes in the Arctic, students created a model of an igloo using balloons, vellum paper, modge podge and plastic cups. The eagerness to have the igloos dry, built through out the days as the sounds of ice cracking filled the room from the drying Vellum paper. We spent the next few days creating the backdrop scene and sound that would finalize the set production. The following morning, students entered the room in amazement as they witnessed their final set design. The lights dimmed, throat singing playing in the distance, and the northern lights dancing in the background. The students gathered around their set design getting lost in the moment.

After having a moment to reflect, the students realized the value and impact that their work has on an audience. We walked away with an appreciation for the arts and the powerful stories that can be told through different art forms. Thank you to the entire team at the Jubilee Auditorium for creating an unforgettable experience!     

Sarah Childs - Grade 2 Teacher at Nellie McClung School

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