Thursday, 15 June 2017

Campus Calgary pilots 5 exciting new sites in 2017/2018!

For nearly 25 years, Campus Calgary / Open Minds (CC/OM) has provided an innovative school model that brings the classroom to distinct and vibrant community settings. Educators, learners, and community experts come together for a week-long curriculum-based experience, designed to meet the needs of each individual learner. The result is a catalyst for learning activities throughout the year that inspire and promote critical thinking and problem solving.

In its 25th milestone year, CC/OM is pleased to announce 5 unique pilot sites.  We look forward to partnering with community experts for immersive learning experiences at:

  • Library School - The mission of Calgary Public Library is to inspire life stories.  Classes will see first-hand the important role libraries play in our community, and see these stories come to life. In anticipation of Calgary's New Central Library, Library School is a partnership with Calgary Public Library.  Whether at the automated handling machine, behind-the- scenes in Collections, in the Make It Messy studio, the AV media labs or the theatre, Library School students will be invited to meet library staff, practicing artists, authors-in- residence and others learning from them while they work. 
  • Strong Kids School - How can we help our young people live healthier, happier lives today and in the future?  The Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA looks forward to inviting classes to explore its rich history and surrounding community.  Teachers and students will be immersed in the spirit of the YMCA while understanding that this is a world-wide organization that strives to be a social environment where all are welcome in and want to belong, tied in with their core values of: Honesty, Caring, Respect, & Responsibility. These experiences will develop and build capacity for students and teachers to belong, grow, strive, and lead.
  • Tinker SchoolAs society shifts towards rapid uptake of new technologies, STEM Learning Lab has the potential to move the current CC/OM model to the next level of excellence in teaching and learning in our innovative setting.  Teachers and students will be immersed in science, technology, engineering and math to innovate and solve different Design Thinking challenges. With the rare opportunity to be immersed in a technology start-up environment, classes will be able to observe and interact with technology experts who are collaborating on society’s most pressing problems. 
  • Social Enterprise School -   As disciplinary experts, classes will observe and interact with entrepreneurs who are tackling society’s most pressing problems.  A dynamic innovative community, networked community partners, and dedicated teams provide potential learning opportunities related to how to use the Design Thinking process to address human needs while adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Classes will work alongside experts to pitch innovative ideas to stakeholders using the Lean Startup methodology to develop a social enterprise business solutions while using spatial skills to build prototypes alongside industry partners.
  • SEEDschool - How can we learn to be agents of change?  With an emphasis on service-learning, experiences at The Mustard Seed will develop and build capacity for critical understandings of our interconnected Calgary-community. Located in Calgary’s Beltline, The Mustard Seed is an inner-city agency dedicated to providing hope and well-being for our most vulnerable citizens. The Mustard Seed’s community of residents, staff, and volunteers will work alongside classes to share lived experiences and create lasting connections.

We're so excited to see the possibilities ahead!

Curious about how you you can get involved?  Get in touch with us!

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting to bring on 5 new and innovative programs. Best wishes for an exciting year ahead!