Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Beginnings

Each year coordinators from each site get together at the beginning of our school year to plan and collaborate for the year ahead.

We're excited to see how our Campus Calgary/Open Minds mission will take shape this year. Together our goal is 
To tr​ansform teaching and le​​a​​rning ​​by i​​ncreasing student engagement through community, funder, and educatio​nal partnerships.
And our long term vision is to ensure:
Each student exp​eriences p​​​ersonalized learning within a con​nected com​mu​nity.
Coordinators shared one word that summarized their hopes and priorities for the year ahead:

We also had an opportunity to share artifacts, contributing to a Living Museum.  This Living Museum provided a foundation for a collaborative discussion on how our year can unfold.

Opportunities for collaboration and conversation continue to be an important part of our work together!

Together, we're looking forward to ensuring "Lifeworthy Learning"!

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