Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Excitement Builds

May and June is an interesting time for teachers. They are finishing a year with all of its celebrations and reflections while already thinking about and planning for next year. We have welcomed teachers who are participating with Campus Calgary/Open Minds for the 2016-17 school year to come to their sites for a welcome orientation. This is a time to begin thinking about the world of possibilities that exist in these vibrant community space.  At many sites we welcome teachers who have worked at the site to come back and tell their stories, share their wisdom and offer advice for the coming year.  This is but one example of such experience, captured in a found poem.

The Hub for Inspired Learning:
The Reflection of Two Teachers

Learning alongside my students
Worked collaboratively
Generate ideas
Curricular connections
Journaling prep…wish I’d done more
Looking through journals to see impact on students
Explore where THEY wanted
Building time
Reading with expression
Reaching our day to day learning
Storywriting process
Imagine you’re a banana!
The space allowed them to be free
Exploring the functions of space
Beauty is that you have time!
Immerse in the space and moment
Look beyond what you see
Be open to change
Be flexible to opportunities
As a group we’ve learned how to collaborate together
To slow down,
To listen to each other
This will be lifelong learning
Artists give us skills to share our learning
There are lots of opportunities…as long as you’re looking.

A found poem.

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