Friday, 18 March 2016

From Campus Calgary/Open Minds, Thank you Drivers!

Photo credit: J. Danchuk
Campus Calgary/Open Minds salutes our many drivers for getting students safely between Calgary's many vibrant learning environments!  As a collaboration of education, community, & corporate partners we recognize your hard work and passion in caring for our city and students!  For City Hall School , Calgary Transit  gets students to the Municipal Building each day. Thank you Calgary Transit drivers!  We appreciate you!

To our partners at Southland at ten of our Campus Calgary/Open Minds sites, thank you, too!  With 233 weeks of programming in 15/16 and the many schools you service before and after each school day, thank you drivers, for your care, concern, and kindness!
Thank you Southland from @CBE_Partners

Thank you from Campus Calgary/Open Minds!

Campus Calgary/Open Minds is for all Calgary students and your role in getting learners to and from each learning-filled day is inspiring!

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