Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Community and Collaboration

Ms. Barrie’s class of grade 5/6 students from Captain John Palliser explored the inquiry of Community and Collaboration during their week at Healthy Living School at Vivo for HealthierGenerations.  Throughout the week, students spoke to many experts about what is in a community and how do partners collaborate to create a healthy community.

These students created metaphors of Community and Collaboration to demonstrate their learning.  On Thursday afternoon they held a showcase in the lobby of Vivo to show their magnificent pieces of art and to describe their metaphors.

Students sharing their community metaphor to Vivo's CEO, Sue Scott

Students unveil their video metaphor to Jennifer Gray

How is community like a layered cake?  Munch on that . . . 

Blog Contributed by Leigh Delong, site coordinator for Healthy Living School

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