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What is the #yycCCOM Blog?

#yycCCOM reflects a collaborative approach to telling the story of Campus Calgary /Open Minds and its many community members, as well as its immeasurable benefits to all stakeholders.   This is an effort to share some of the learning stories related to impact  that occur within Campus Calgary/Open Minds every day. 

We invite you to share your story!

This project has the goal of sharing unique stories and important voices.  We invite you to share your own Campus Calgary/Open Minds story:
  • Story is impact focused.
  • A story from your point of view or group’s perspective.
  •  Free of any agenda (political, ideological, etc.).  This space is to celebrate community.
  • Modeling of responsible digital citizenship and terms of engagement as identified by participating school districts.

Crafting and submitting your story!

Based on the success of Calgary’s own CBE182, we are asking that submissions use the following suggested guidelines:

  • Your Post: 250 words (or less) isn't very much writing to answer the question "What was the impact of your Campus Calgary/Open Minds experience?". Please remember that you are writing for an audience of many and representing your community - make it great!
  • Your Bio: Submit a 140 character (think: Twitter) description of yourself (you may also include a Twitter ID and blog address; we won't count these characters). Tell us about you in a way that reflects how you are as a stakeholder, student, teacher, community member, parent, etc.  

Two sample bios are below:

  • ex: Travis Robertson (@travisrobertson) is passionate about empowerment.  He is a leader with Campus Calgary/Open Minds.
  • ex: Jenn Meredith (@JennMeredith13) leads Campus Calgary /Open Minds.  She is passionate about inquiry and learning beyond the classroom's four walls . Wonder, wander, & find inspiration.

Visuals help tell the story!  You are encouraged to include media:

  • Original photo (ensure you have administrator clearance as well as permission to publish/post and/or media releases) or other original media
  • Any other media that is not original to you is Copyright-free. If copyrighted or Creative Commons, then permission and/or citation required and also submitted.

Interested?  Contact us!

Please find contact information for us here and learn more about us at our website.

We are so excited to see and share Campus Calgary / Open Minds stories!

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